Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fresh Flowers

Gorgeous and full flower arrangements inject colour, sophistication, and polish into every home. It brings life to your table and home décor, but who has the funds to have custom arrangements delivered every week? I certainly don't! Looking for an inexpensive option? Then keep reading!

 Everyday grocery store flowers may not look like an appealing option when you see them in their plastic bins and buckets in the back of the store...but truth be told, ALL my flowers are from my local Sobeys grocery store! I make my weekly visit every Sunday, and hand pick my flowers. I simply love making my own floral arrangements. It's relaxing and always brings a smile to my face as I walk by flowers...it's these little things that bring me small joys... #thehappynow !

With a few tweaks and tricks, a pre-made bouquet or bundle of single-variety buds can be transformed into a gorgeous custom arrangement. 

Keep on scrolling to see my pics and the DEETS!

Prepping Your Flowers
Source: Fix.com Blog

Basic Flower Arrangement

Source: Fix.com Blog

Hope you enjoy my simple sweet blooms from the #glimpse3sixtyhome

Tuesday Flower Love!
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