Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shoe Organization

Hello everyone! I'm excited to share this post with all of you. Last year, when I went to visit my brother Tarik and sister in-law Mahareen (Mahu) in New Jersey, I fell in love with Mahu's over the door shoe organizer. It was perfect for their space, and something I could totally use in my own home! 

We all know women love their shoes, and how the perfect pair of pumps can add just a bit of flare to your powerful stride!


Today on glimpse3sixty1, we have a very special guest who will be sharing her shoe organization tips with us. It's none other than my sis in law!! I've asked Mahu to do a write up and provide some pictures for all of you to enjoy!

Hi everyone! You may not recognize the “voice” on today’s post, because its not Seema or Kristina, but instead Mahareen, Seema’s SIL! I’ll be sharing some shoe organization tips - and try my best to keep it light and fun, just like that awesome twosome does!!
So, lets start off with an obvious statement: most of us ladies tend to have shoe problems.  I don’t just mean problems like “Which shoes go with this outfit?” or “If I wear these pink stilettos to the airport today, will I be cursing myself tomorrow?” (The answer to that last one is – yes, you will be. But as you massage your feet you can comfort yourself in knowing you looked great running for your flight!)
Seriously though, the biggest shoe problem of all is that we just have too many pairs!! What works for me to keep them organized is to split them into types of shoe/heel and store them accordingly.  

For starters, I like over-the door shoe racks for boots, higher heels and shoes I don’t wear as often. My main shoe rack hangs on the door of the walk-in-closet in the master bedroom. I have the shoes loosely colour coordinated, making it look that much more organized. 
There are various types of hanging shoe organizers that use clear or canvas pockets or shoe horn type things to hang the shoes on, use whatever fits your space and your needs. I like this one because it works great for heels in particular and it holds 36 pairs, maximizing all the available space on a standard door. Most of the shoes I store facing forward, but some flats or wedge heels stay in place better when stored facing out.
 My other organizer hangs on the door of the garage, to store tall boots.
I purchased both racks at Bed Bath and Beyond which is also available in Canada. There is minimal assembly required, basically you just slide or screw the separate parts together to link them and hang it over your door – easy one person job and no tools! Although they came with mounting hardware, neither of mine are screwed into the door and they stay put just fine as we regularly open and close the doors. Some cons I will note about these racks are the shoes do need some periodic dusting if you don’t wear them that often (sadly, gold rhinestone heels aren’t really appropriate for every day wear), and they may not work as well for very large or heavy shoes. For example, my husband’s clunky sneakers and boots do not get real estate on these racks!!
Since we don’t have a separate mudroom in our townhouse, for my more regularly used flats, sandals, sneakers etc, I use our front entry closet.

Now, this closet is teeny-tiny and no standard shoe rack would fit in there, so we mounted a little shelf inside to increase the available space. Right now we’re blanketed in snow and ice, so the flip-flops and sandals are hanging out in clear shoe bins to keep them out of the way.

And there you have it, hope you enjoyed a little peek at my shoes and how I organize them! Let’s end with one more shot of them just because….

Thanks to Seema and Kristina for inviting me over to share!

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