Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pantry Party

It's always this time of year when everyone begins to organize or re-organize their personal space. The kitchen is the heart of the home, which should be functional, well organized and look fabulous all at the same time. Here is a glimpse (see what I did there?...ha!) of how each of us organized a small part of our kitchen.  If you're not bored yet, then please keep reading!

When Seema told me she was moving a few years ago, the first thing she said: "...and Kris, there's a walk-in pantry! " Yes, I know some of our readers are probably thinking, "What's wrong with these two?! But seriously, who doesn't like to have a well dressed pantry, all clean and organized?!

Seema's lucky to have a large walk-in pantry. It's all about bins and clear containers! Pairing similar items and storing them together means you're half way done. The rest is about making it look pretty!  She's a big fan of the lazy susan rotating tray which is used to house her breakfast condiments-honey, peanut butter, wow butter and nutella. The other one is used for cooking oils.

Creating bins for each family member to keep their favourites in one place, allows for easy access and less mess. Seema has a 3 tiered expandable can stacker to keep all canned goods together. Asef doesn't feel it's necessary to have a stage for their spaghetti sauce!

Inexpensive pantry organization is easy if you stick to a plan and a budget. If you look closely, you'll see that each of us used bins in various sizes, but the colour is the same. Just that alone adds uniformity which makes it look organized already. The following pictures are from my pantry.

Most of our bins and containers are from Dollarama. I'll add a list of product details below.

I scored a great deal on this large white metal trash can from HomeSense which we use to store Lola's dog food.

Since my pantry is a lot smaller than Seema's, it's all about maximizing space for me. I used a chalkboard decal on the back of the door to make write down our grocery list. I also command strips to used hang the variera trash basket from IKEA. I use this basket to store all our reusable groceries bags.

Think of the pantry as a reservoir of goods, it can be any area of the home. There are several approaches to creating the perfect pantry to fit your needs,be creative and polish your pantry pride!

List of products
  • White bins- Dollarama
  • Clear plastic and glass containers- Dollarama
  • White wire baskets-Dollarama
  • Square wicker baskets- Pier One Imports
  • All chalkboard labels in classic black and teal from-Staples


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